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Stu's Footy Grand Final Sweepstakes!

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IT'S September again and that means Footy Finals are on! And there's no more fun than having a flutter on the outcome of the Grand Final with your office co-workers. It doesn't matter if you prefer Australian Rules over Rugby League, because I have a great sweep for either code that you can play in your office leading up to Grand Final day. What's more, you don't have to know anything about football to play!

How can you have a sweep when there are only two teams playing?

Easy. You can have a sweep that allows up to 100 people to play and for a $1.00 entry fee, one winner can take away $100.00 cash! Alternatively, you can play a 50 cent entry for a $50 prize or a 20 cent entry for a $20 prize. Of course, players can buy as many entries as they like, increasing their chances at taking out the "Winner Takes All" pot. You can also play as many sweeps in your office as you can sell!

So how does the Footy Grand Final Sweep work?

The first thing you must do is download the Footy Grand Final Sweep form. This is a PDF file which can be opened using Adobe Acrobat v3 or later.

Download GFSWEEP.PDF (40kB) now by clicking here. Choose Save to Disk.

Once you have the file, open it with Adobe Acrobat and print it (it's only one page long). At the bottom of the form are the instructions you need to follow to play the sweep.

Some hints for the Sweep Organiser (you):

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